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Basset Hounds - General Information

Basset Hounds are members of the Hound group of dogs according to the AKC. One of the most striking and appealing features is its bulkiness. The legs are short, and the skull is large and rounded. Long ears reach the nose and fold a little bit. The standard accepts a scissors or level bite. The lips appear to be loose and go well with a pronounced dewlap. The short coat can be of any color. The most widely spread coat colors are white with chestnut or brindle.
 Basset Hounds - Pictures
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Basset Hounds - History

The Basset Hound appeared in France in the first part of the 16th century. The breed got its name from a French word "bas," which means "low." The rich, who had a strong liking for hunting, developed a breed capable of chasing rabbit, hare and larger animals in dense brush. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1885. However, it did not enter the ten top widely spread dogs in the US. No sooner than in the second half of the 20th century did Basset Hounds acquire the acme of popularity. Nowadays, Basset Hounds are a popular breed all over the world. The breed is loved for its appearance and amiable personality. One of the basic functions of Basset Hounds is that of a companion dog.

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A lemon basset hound can be found with many breeders and is a breeder specialty.

Basset Hound
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